Crestar Capital is a specialty finance company focused exclusively on the acquisition and servicing of municipal tax liens.

In most states property owners are required by law to pay property taxes. Crestar Capital purchases property tax liens from municipalities for unpaid local taxes on properties which arise when an owner of a property fails to pay the taxes. Crestar Capital purchases tax lien certificates primarily at auction at a purchase price equal to the sum of the taxes due on the property.

Property taxes are the primary source of revenue for most communities. By purchasing tax liens on unpaid properties, Crestar Capital provides municipalities’ current revenue in place of tax delinquencies and provides the financial resources necessary to fund critical services such as police, fire, education, municipal salaries, etc.

Crestar Capital’s approach is to acquire high quality assets via a team of highly skilled and experienced tax lien purchasers, financial and operational personnel which, together, provide exceptional due diligence, financial analysis and efficiently service the portfolio through state-of-the art technology and superior portfolio monitoring.

Crestar Capital

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